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‘A church on the road with Jesus. Sharing his love, serving others.’

We seek to live and share the good news of Jesus Christ to all in this growing multicultural area of the capital.  

Kids and their families are very welcome at St Jude’s.

St Judes Parish carol

St Jude’s Parish Church, 340 Ormeau Road BT7 2GE

Our Parish Church Hall, 243 Ravenhill Road BT 6 0BS

Service Times

9 am : Early Morning Service
2nd & 5th Sundays : Holy Communion
11 am : Main Morning Service
1st Sunday : Holy Communion
2nd Sunday : Family Service
6 pm : Holy Communion
6 pm only on 3rd Sunday of the month
7 pm : Evening Service
3rd Sunday : IGNITE – Cafe Church@ 7 pm



SUNDAYS @ 11am AUGUST 2018

5 August Holy Communion
Genesis 5v1-24 Enoch’s Epitaph –
Enoch walked with God

12 August Family Service
Psalm 1 Which Way Is The Right Way?

19 August Morning Service
Psalm 2 Strong and stable,
or weak and wobbly?

26 August Morning Service
Psalm 62 Trusting God





After the service there is an opportunity  to pray with others. The Church is also open every Tuesday between 12.00 pm and 2.00 pm for prayer / drop in sessions (During term time). Shalom.




St Jude’s Fellowship

St Jude’s Fellowship

On the 11thApril Mr Colin Davies gave a talk on the work of Spud Bears Ministry. The name Spud Bears came from a little 8-year-old girl called Lanni who was one of the first children to receive a teddy. When she learned that Colin came from Ireland she replied you eat lots of potatoes to which he told her we call them spuds.  She responded to this news by calling her bear Spud.  Sadly, Lanni died a short while later.  This experience resulted in Colin’s decision to name the ministry after her teddy bear – Spud bear.

The mission of the ministry is to supply hospitals and orphanages in the developing world with cuddly and talking Teddy Bears – to help bring comfort and God’s love to the children when they are most afraid. So far over 2,500 bears have been received by children in Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana and Ecuador.  We learned that over 100 talking Spud Bears have been sent to share the Gospel, provide education and preventative health care.  It was very enlightening to learn about the ministry of Spud Bear.

If you are interested to learn more and how you can help go on line to spudbears@minister.com

There are also some leaflets on the information table at the back of the church.

9th May – Outing to Bloomvale House to learn about the industry of Ballydougan Pottery followed by afternoon tea.

Please pray for good weather and safety of our group.


Storehouse Sunday.



Our Storehouse Sunday is every third Sunday of the month .  Many thanks for your continual support of this ministry.




Girls Brigade every Tuesday @ 6.30pm


A church on the road with Jesus, sharing his love, serving others.