About Us

St Jude’s is an Anglican church in the Diocese of Down and Dromore.

Below are some of the vision and values we are committed to. A detailed version of this statement is available in printed form.


Friendly; Focused; Faithful; Functioning; Fruitful.


1.- Connecting with God 

Through personal and corporate worship, prayer and study of His Word.

2.- Connecting with the Community

(Present Organisations are: Parents and Toddlers’ Group, After-School clubs, Badminton & Youth Badminton Clubs, Girls’ Brigade, St Jude’s Fellowship (for Senior Citizens), Mothers’ Union, Knitting group, Storehouse,Kids Clubs, Painting class, Cycling team, Youth Club) 

3.- Connecting with the wider world

Link Missionary Organisations: Church Missionary Society (Ireland), Crosslinks, Christian Aid, Tearfund, Fields of Life, Leprosy Mission, Irish Church Mission and South American Missionary Society


 Active Church Membership

As a member of this family of God, I recognise my responsibility to my

God and to my brothers and sisters in Christ.

I therefore commit myself:-

    To worship with God’s people each Sunday and to share regularly in the Lord’s Supper.

    To be a consistent witness to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, by the way I live and speak.

    To uphold my church, especially its leaders in my daily prayers.

    To get to know others and to join in the public prayer and fellowship life of the church.

    To involve myself in at least one specific area of regular Christian service within my church.

    To contribute financially in a systematic and sacrificial way.